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About us

AP Global Investigations is an investigation Company authorized by the Prefecture of Rome to conduct civil investigations (art. 134 T.U.L.P.S.) and penal investigations (art. 38 e art. 222 del D. Lgs 271/89) with only one goal in mind: to be for each and every client (public, corporate and individual) an effective tool for the protection of their rights.
The Founder is Amedeo Pantanella, security manager and investigator since 1989. He leads a team of selected and experienced professionals throughout the national territory and abroad.
The investigations are conducted with the utmost investigative transparent methods which ensure the optimization of resources in relation to customer needs. AP Global Investigations can tailor discreet and professional customer relations providing legal support and advice too. Through the development and production of investigative technology, AP Global Investigations is a landmark in the investigation field and luxury and famous brand have chosen AP Global for financial, informatic system, human resources investigations.


An increasing number of public and private companies, rely on our experience to protect their assets.

AP Global Investigations offers solutions for the safeguarding of the working environment and status through surveys and investigations usable in court. Whichever area it falls into we offer a complete range of investigation services: financial, commercial, informatics or humane resources.
Our Selection of Services for Corporate includes:
  Gathering evidence for the dismissal with just cause (fraudulently claiming sick pay etc)
  Verify employee loyalty
  Accertamento concorrenza sleale da parte di soggetti interni ed esterni all'azienda
  Assessment unfair competition by internal and external entities
  Room and telephone debugging
  Computing and technical expert opinions
  Accounting, economic and financial investigations
  Criminal investigations for vandalism and theft in the company
  Private Security & Executive Protection
  VIP and Celebrity Bodyguard Services

Private individuals and families rely on our experts by finding the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

AP Global Investigations offers private solutions aimed at resolving issues related to their personal, family and wealth sphere by conducting investigations for gathering information and trials that can be used in court.
Our selection of services for individuals include:
  Marital dispute/Cheating spouse
  Investigations for separation
  Custody of minor children
  Pre-post matrimonial investigations
  Anti stalking investigations
  Reliable caregivers, domestic helpers and babysitters
  Debt recovery investigations
  Criminal investigations
  Personal Protection
  Bodyguard Services

We offer free legal advice with the support of skilled professionals in tax matters, tax and accounting.

AP Global Investigations provides advice and assistance to customers, companies and individuals, with the support of an internal law firm that employs the collaboration of experienced professionals in the various areas of civil and criminal law. The counseling service is free, ensures every customer the protection of its rights in court and thereby ensure the effectiveness of the evidence and information collected during the survey.
Criminal Low:
  Assistance and defense in proceedings in front of the, Court, Appeals Court, Probate Court.
Civil Right:
  Advice on the concerning of family law and specifically, the causes of separation, divorce, particularly with regard to the protection of children.
  Consulting on company matters (ex Monitoring employees, trademarks and patents).
Credit Recovery:
  Injunction proceedings against debtors.
  Causes for failure and subsequent run time.

AP Global Investigations is ready to meet any type of request.

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Our Value

The protection and security of the customer are the core pillars of our mission.
Amedeo Pantanella, firmly believes in working method based on the individual needs of the customer, making available its expertise and competence in order to ensure transparency, confidentiality and continuous assistance, up to the actual achievement of expected results.
AP Global Investigations, part of the AP Global Security Group, is a constantly growing company that place its know-how available to companies and individuals responding better to the multiple demands on security and investigation.

Why choose us?


We operate nationwide and internationally, with direct management and immediate activation of the investigation service.


We provide our customers the best support with a team of experts available 24 hours on 24, 7 days out of 7, 365 days a year.


We use the most current and sophisticated investigative technologies in support of a team of professionals with specific skills in the field.

We Are Friendly

We optimize the resources used in the investigation in relation to the needs of the customer carrying out all activities in total transparency of the investigative methods used.


We offer free advice with the support of our legal experts who analyze the evidence collected and the editorial office of investigative reports.


We guarantee the result of the objectives through effective investigations that allow to obtain certain and irrefutable evidence that can be used in court.

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